By Adam Coleman in Seoul

SEOUL, KOREA: Samsung has unveiled an extension to its portfolio of digital home appliances including the launch of the company’s first robotic vacuum cleaner, a refrigerator range with four independently cooled compartments and a washing machine that uses hot air.

Unveiled to retailers, buyers and media at the company’s digital appliances roadshow in Seoul, Samsung’s ‘Best in Class Technology’ suite includes a range of refrigerators equipped with the Quattro Cooling system designed to keep food fresh over a longer period of time.

Each of the four compartments in the Quattro Cooling System is controlled and cooled separately with its own evaporator and fan. Samsung claims this maintains the humidity levels of the fridge at an optimum 72 per cent to ensure food remains fresh, while conventional refrigerators are only able to maintain humidity of up to 17 per cent. The individual cooling system also ensures no mixing of odours since there is no air transfer between the compartments.

The new washing machines feature the Air Wash system, which uses hot air technology and physical strength to remove unpleasant smells, bacteria, allergens and microbes from clothes.

Detergent and other chemicals are not needed with this washing machine with its unique functions which are designed to decrease the wear-and-tear from the washing or dry cleaning of clothes.

Samsung also unveiled its Vital Ion room air conditioner and claims it is the world’s first ion generator that generates hydrogen atoms and ions through micro plasma discharge technology. The company claims the Vital Ion room air conditioner is able to eliminate various harmful elements, such as bacteria (99%) and the influenza virus (99.6%),
enabling consumers to enjoy purer and fresher air.

Samsung aims to differentiate its new Robotic Vacuum from competitors such as Electrolux’s Trilobite and iRobot’s Roomba with a self-mapping method the company says is more effective at discovering obstacles and avoiding them.

The Robotic Vacuum has been launched in Korea, and is unlikely to be released in Australia until next year, however Samsung executives have estimated the pricing will be around $A1,499 at launch, positioning it between the Roomba and the Trilobite.

The Australian market can expect to see Air Wash washers launched in September this year, while Quattro Cooling refrigerators are scheduled for an October launch.