By Keri Algar

PERTH, WA: Consumers may still be holding onto the idea that front loading washing machines are more expensive than top loading machines, though according to a Rick Hard salesperson they are “much the same” in price.

According to figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), there are more water-saving devices, including appliances such as front loading washing machines, in high-income households.

Almost half of Perth households with an annual income greater than $110,000 per year had a front loading washing machine, compared with 20 per cent of those with an annual income of less than $25,000.

The figures also reveal that the proportion of dwellings with front loading washing machines has grown from 25 per cent to 34 per cent from 2006 to 2009.

A Rick Hart salesperson told that whilst front loaders were initially more expensive than top loaders, prices today are comparable and, as such, the store has been selling more front loaders than top loaders.

Energy saving and water saving features were key factors in determining the sale of machines, and front loading machines were proving to be more popular in the past six months, according to the salesperson.

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