By Chris Nicholls

BERKSHIRE, ENGLAND: Vodafone has announced it will sell the iPhone in ten different countries worldwide, including Australia.

In a short statement on the company’s global website, Vodafone said they would sell the iPhone in Australia, New Zealand, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Italy, India, Portugal, South Africa and Turkey.

No release date was given, with Vodafone only saying the launch would be “later this year”.

Vodafone Australia chief executive, Russell Hewitt, said Vodafone Australia was “extremely pleased” to be included in the deal.

“The iPhone will be the perfect addition to Vodafone Australia’s mobile handset range. The iPhone’s Australian launch is well-timed to coincide with our plans to deliver an enhanced mobile internet and entertainment experience to customers.

“The iPhone has already proved to be extremely popular with customers in other parts of the world and Vodafone is confident that today’s announcement will be well received by all Australians who are keen to get their hands on their own iPhone,” he said.

Apple Australia appeared unaware of the announcement, with Apple Australia PR executive John Marx saying there had been no release from Apple in the US.