By Chris Nicholls

BRISBANE: Accessories distributor Crest Electronics has capped off a successful year with a 30 per cent rise in revenue, according to marketing director Dean Wall.

The increase was part of Crest’s three year plan to double business and the figure rolled in a day early, said Wall.

“We’re pretty ecstatic, because we reached it on Friday. We’ve been working pretty hard the last couple of months to reach that target,” he said.

“We’ve reached the first step in the journey and been planning for the second year … and of course that kicks off tomorrow.”

Wall said Crest would target approximately 20 per cent growth for FY09, with another 20 per cent after that, to fulfil the company’s goal.

The growth came from both an increase in the size of the home entertainment market and a greater customer focus, said Wall.

“The growth and recent interest in home entertainment and subsequent accessory attachment sales has provided part of the growth, along with gaining the Sony headphone business.

“However, a key fundamental has been a re-organisation, including key management personnel and continued focus on delivering value and quality service to trade partners,” he said.