By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: Teco Australia has issued a national product recall on the TAC-1417C portable air conditioner due to the possible failure of particular components within the product which could lead to overheating and water leakage.

Teco Australia national service manager, Carl Massey, said that the small-scale recall of only 250 units nationwide was issued after the company carried out product testing and discovered the faults in response to a number of service queries.

“We are a quality assured company and we take pride of this in maintaining product quality,” Massey told

Teco Australia was quick to act on the fault, contacting its customers and ensuring all affected consumers will be aware of the fault, according to the company.

“Due to the small number we’re talking about, we’ll be contacting our [retail] customers and one of two things will happen – they can either supply us with their customers’ information who we will contact ourselves, or if they are uncomfortable doing that, they can contact their customers and inform them of the fault," said Massey.

Customers are advised to stop using the product immediately and return it to the retailer for a full refund.

At this stage there have been no reports of property being damaged or persons being harmed through the use of this product.