For improving customer experience.

A new pricing platform, claimed to give retailers a kick-start towards improving their customer’s shopping experience, has been released by ratings group, TruRating.

The customer feedback software sits on the payment terminal and enables the collection of paying customer feedback at point-of-sale, intended to drive real-time insight that businesses can use to make better business decisions.

Customers are asked one question about their shopping experience when paying by credit card which they quickly answer by pressing a number from 0-9 on the keypad. The information is transferred by secure API to an intuitive online dashboard where the business can view their data. The TruRating app is installed at POS or Albert terminal and no additional hardware is required. Signing up involves a simple installation that is free for the first outlet. Additional outlets can be added for a small monthly fee.

Business have access to features designed to help them to understand how they stack up against competition, days and times when the business has the best and worst customer experience and increasing loyalty and repeat purchase by identifying what customers want with an unlimited number of ratings.

TruRating CEO, Georgina Nelson said providing a great customer experience was critical to business success, “every business should be able to afford to collect, analyse and act on customer feedback and not be limited to those with big data capabilities and associated budgets”, she said.

“Our technology is very simple to integrate directly to the payment platform with a dashboard with drill down capabilities that delivers a meaningful experience to businesses of all sizes. Everyone needs good, reliable and useable data to make educated decisions on their growth plans. By analysing feedback data, business can understand the health of their business currently as well as test ideas, products and more, before spending effort and budget on new strategies. It also helps to monitor growth and ensure customers get a consistent experience.”