Australia’s newest AV and consumer electronics brand, VIVO, are continuing to build supply deals with leading retailers like Dick Smith Electronics, WOW Sight and Sound and Strathfield Car Radios, due to an increase in popularity for the brand.

The VIVO brand contains a range of LCD and Plasma televisions, LCD monitors, DVD players, mini laptops, GPS navigation systems, set top boxes and digital photo frames.

Dick Smith Electronics, Dick Smith Powerhouse and Tandy stores will sell VIVO’s 32 and 15 inch LCD televisions throughout April. Fabio Grassia, managing director of VIVO commented on how it is creating a strong relationship with the retailer.

“We have been working with Dick Smith since last year, and we’ve built a great relationship, not only with Dick Smith, but with their consumers who value quality products at great prices. This is apparent as we’re one of the top selling brands in DSE,’ Grassia said.

In addition, WOW Sight and Sound will also stock the entire range of VIVO LCD televisions from the 15.4 inch to the 42 inch plus its portable DVD player selection.

Strathfield Car Radios have also taken on the VIVO brand by supplying its 19 and 22 inch televisions and a range of portable DVD players.

Grassia commented that VIVO products are well positioned to trouble some of the bigger brands in the market.

“We feel VIVO will invigorate the market and cause the major brands some concern as our price point is significantly more competitive for products which are equally as impressive aesthetically and as well equipped as our competitors,” said Grassia.

“VIVO products will be in a unique position as they represent quality at an affordable price.”