By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: Following a temporary freeze on sales of certain LCD TVs last week, Sharp Australia has now recalled all its current 42-inch LCD TVs due to potential risk to consumers including electric shock.

Units affected by the recall include the LC42BX5X, LC42GD7X and the LC42PD7X with serial numbers commencing 610700001 to 705799999 inclusive, purchased between 1 February 2007 and 27 May 2007.

“The model and serial number can be found at the rear of the unit printed on an identification plate. If a green dot is found on the identification plate, the 42-inch LCD TV has already been inspected and corrected and there is no need for further action,” said Sharp in a statement issued on Saturday.

“Sharp advises that customers with a model subject to this voluntary safety recall either visit our website or call 1800 333 435 between 7am to 7pm (seven days) to obtain the phone number of the nearest Sharp Approved Service Center, who can inspect and modify the product if needed.

“Customers should have the 42-inch LCD TV model and serial numbers ready before they contact Sharp. Any work performed related to this voluntary safety recall will be performed in-home, free of charge.”

Sharp said the recall is voluntary and has been undertaken due to a piece of packing foam shielding which may become free from its mounting and make contact with the power board.

This could cause overheating and/or create a live voltage on the frame of the unit, with risk of electrical shock.

“As part of our community responsibility this voluntary action has been taken as a precautionary measure. Sharp is determined to protect the integrity of their brand in the marketplace,” said Sharp Corporation of Australia deputy managing director, Denis Kerr.

“Sharp is strongly committed to product quality, safety and reliability and sincerely regret any inconvenience cause to our customers.”

Last week Sharp asked retailers to return stock of the three affected models after a routine inspection uncovered the faulty packaging.

According to Sharp, the three models listed above are the only affected units as other models use a different packaging method.