By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Unwired has released its new broadband pricing plans for subscription customers that include a monthly 10GB limit at 256kbps speed for $39.95 and for $49.95 a month it has a 10GB plan at 512kbps.

The new pricing will be applied to all existing Unwired subscribers and all plans are now divided equally between peak and off-peak allowances. Peak time is between 2 pm and 2 am. The 10GB plan, for example, allows for 5GB of activity during the peak time and 5GB during off-peak.

“As we provide our service over a purpose-built network for the provision of wireless broadband internet services, we have been able to significantly improve our overall data allowances by creating added capacity in both peak and off-peak periods,” said Unwired CEO, David Spence.

“Most of our competitors are attempting to provide internet services over mobile phone networks purpose built to carry voice traffic. We expect these networks to be busy during the working day, so we are unique in being able to offer such a long off-peak period to our customers. Even people working standard office hours can take advantage of our off-peak value periods, especially on the weekends.

“All customers on our existing subscription plans, introduced in February, will be automatically upgraded to the greater capacity based on the applicable price point.

“We are committed to building Australia’s first 4G network. While completing our plans and roll-out of the WiMAX network, we will continue to assert our position as market innovators in the wireless broadband market. I believe our new line-up of pricing plans continues to deliver on that promise.” Spence said.

The full Unwired plans price list:

Casual Users:
• $29.95 – 6GB, 256/64k (3GB peak and 3GB off peak)
• $39.95 – 10GB, 256/64k (5GB peak and 5GB off peak)

Frequent Users:
• $49.95 – 16Gb, 256/64k (8GB peak and 8GB off peak)
• $49.95 – 10GB, 512/128k (5GB peak and 5GB off peak)
$64.95 – 16 GB, 512/128k (8GB peak and 8GB off peak)

Heavy Users
• $99.95 – 30GB, 1024/256k (15GB peak and 15GB off peak)