Broadway Shopping Centre in Sydney, home to an Apple Retail Store, Harvey Norman, Target, Kmart and many, many other stores, has today revealed its Top 10 Tech Gifts, along with some Christmas shopping stats – some more amusing than others.

Reading through the Broadway’s media release, UnderCurrent is not entirely sure how this list was decided but, hey, it’s a list and UnderCurrent is as easily amused as the next dude:

1. Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display
2. Apple iPhone 5S
3. Samsung Galaxy S4
4. Google Nexus 7
5. Headphones
6. Apple Macbook Air
7. Windows 8 touchscreen laptop
8. Call of Duty: Ghosts
9. LG 84-inch TV
10. Nintendo Wii Deluxe

UnderCurrent enjoyed Broadway Centre Manager Justine Saltmarsh’s comments accompanying this Top 10, which include some very nice humblebragging:

There’s no denying the retail climate is becoming increasingly fierce, so it’s great to see that many Australians still value the shopping centre experience along with the personal interaction which comes with it. As Australia’s busiest shopping centre, we’re committed to evolving with and exceeding our customer demands for a fulfilling, easy and convenient shopping experience, particularly throughout the Christmas period.

Among the random stats Broadway has shared today include the startling revelation that men don’t like receiving socks and underwear for Christmas, the shocking admission that 37 per cent of people disguise disappointment at receiving lacklustre gifts and that 32 per cent of Queenslanders plan on buying a present for their pets. Once again, UnderCurrent can’t really tell how these stats were deduced but, hey, they are somewhat amusing.

And here is UnderCurrent’s favourite, and it is quoting directly from the release here:

“The most prolific ‘re-gifters’ are in regional Tasmania – 25 per cent hoard gifts for re-use during the year.”