By Patrick Avenell and James Wells

Consumer electronics retail veteran Brian Deasy is bowing out of the industry tomorrow after selling his independent Maroochydore business, Deasy’s Electrical and Furniture, to the Harvey Norman group. From Friday, this store will reopen as a Joyce Mayne outlet.

Talking to this morning, Deasy said the reason for the sale was due to the economic downturn which has made it harder for smaller owner/operators.

“The industry rationalisation is making it tougher for independents,” said Deasy.

Deasy is not bitter, however, and cited more time with his family and future plans as being contributing factors.

“I am looking forward to my first Christmas in eight years and then I plan to take a little break and do some travelling.”

For years now, Deasy’s business has been part of the Narta group, and before that the Betta Group. Deasy reserved special acclaim for the Narta organisation, saying that any future return to the industry would hopefully see a reunion.

“It has been an absolute pleasure to deal with such a professional group and I certainly wouldn’t rule out coming back into the industry at a later stage,” he said.

Deasy’s Electrical and Furniture sprang to life in 2000 when the soon-to-be former owner purchased the 3,500 square metre site from the Vox Group and opened the then-named Chandlers X-Site.

Now firmly in the wind-down of his business, Deasy also confirmed that all staff would be carrying over to the new Joyce Mayne store. Some changes are already afoot, however, with the new store replacing the furniture section that had previously occupied a third of the floor space with a computer superstore.

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