Canon Australia has just launched a $2.5 million integrated marketing campaign around the release of its new range of IXUS digital compact cameras.

The campaign is set to integrate television, online and in-store environments, and Canon is claiming that it was heavily shaped by Canon’s research and insight into consumer imaging.

“Our research shows that the more we can strengthen the emotional attachment that consumers have with the Canon brand, the more compelling it is for them to invest in the range of Canon cameras in this category,” said Kimberley Langton, brand manager – digital still cameras,Canon Australia.

“The key to building emotional engagement with the IXUS brand is an understanding of the range of consumer motivations for taking pictures. We know that having the right camera to best capture an image, and then reliving these moments through sharing is what motivates people to take photos”, said Ms Langton. “The campaign aims to build the awareness of IXUS as an aspirational brand that helps you capture and then share the fun moments of your life through storytelling.”

David Goldman, Canon Australia group marketing manager, commented that the new marketing campaign suits the company’s overall marketing approach to its hero categories.

“Despite the tough economic times, our marketing strategy for IXUS, EOS and PIXMA is part of a deliberate and holistic approach to reinvest back into our brands,” said Goldman.

“In this competitive market, we need to continue to sustain strong visibility and awareness of these hero brands in order to maintain preference in the marketplace.”

One of the in-store promotions  running is the ‘Seven Days to Play’ campaign which will provide customers with the chance to purchase an IXUS, take it home and play with it for seven days to ensure the camera is right for them. The customer may then return the product for a full refund if they are not happy with the product.

In addition to the various in-store and online promotions, Canon also launched a new IXUS TVC which aired on Sunday 26 April.