From Frontline Retail recruitment.

It’s is no secret that finding the best staff is crucial to the success of a retail business. Retail requires a certain set of skills and focus, and it is not always apparent who has these skills. So just how to you attract the right applicants and identify the exceptional candidates who stand out?

Create a positive online presence

Most good candidates will research your organisation before they apply and the better your online presence, the more likely they will want to work for you. This includes not only making your company website look inviting, it also means having a profile on websites like where employees can write reviews about what it’s like to work for your organisation.

Be proactive about attracting great candidates

If you want to find the very best candidates, you will need to get out and look for them. This means widening your search to include social media and talent search functions offered by some online job boards. It is also worthwhile to have an updated careers page on your company website with details of the latest job openings, and an email address where job seekers interested in working for you can register their interest or email you their resume.

Be thorough in your retail candidate assessment

When you have a large number of candidates and a shortlist of 10, exactly how do you pick the candidate that is going to make the best contribution to your organisation? Get different perspectives by having a team of interviewers. Take the candidate out and about to meet other employees around the store, and engage with them on a conversational level as well as a formal interview process. One of the best retail interview tips for employers is to be honest about the role so the candidate has a realistic idea of what to expect.

Take your time

If you’re desperate for staff it can be tempting to hire the first remotely suitable candidate you come across, but this can lead to high turnover. Only hire candidates you feel are right for the job, even if it takes a bit longer to find them. The right staff can set your retail business on a steady path to success while the wrong ones can cause ongoing issues. Put some time and effort into your retail candidate assessment and you will be rewarded. A specialist retail recruitment agency can also help source the right candidates for your business.