Tineco has launched the FLOOR ONE S7 Steam Wet & Dry vacuum, which uses 140℃ steam to remove messes and stains in half the time of traditional methods.

Simultaneously cleaning and sanitising hard floors, the FLOOR ONE S7 Steam is a multifunctional vacuum that can vacuum, mop and steam clean.

By combining HyperSteam technology, Tineco’s patented iLoop Smart Sensor technology, an upgraded battery and a continuous clean brush washing system, the FLOOR ONE S7 Steam is intuitive and easy to use.

With HyperSteam technology, 140°C steam is dispersed to sanitise the floors and paired with a soft roller that gently cleanses the floor with fresh water.  

iLoop Smart technology automatically detects debris and adjusts suction power, water flow, and roller speed, eliminating the need to do so manually, while the interactive LED screen helps users visualise real-time working status, select operating modes, and more.

The MHCBS system efficiently recycles dirty water with an internal brush scraper, continuously washing and rinsing the roller with fresh water at a constant 450RPMs. With just one touch, fresh water and hot steam clean the vacuum thoroughly, while centrifugal drying eliminates excess water and minimises odours

A long-lasting battery with Pouch Cell design offers consistently reliable performance and improved safety.

The FLOOR ONE S7 Steam’s enhanced dual-sided edge cleaning feature allows the vacuum to glide against baseboards and corners, while LED lights illuminate the cleaning path.

Now available at JB Hi-Fi and coming soon to other Australian retailers, the FLOOR ONE S7 Steam is priced at $1,199.