The new Tineco iCARPET Carpet Cleaner delivers 130AW of suction to wash carpets and eliminate water residue when removing embedded dirt and stubborn stains.

Tineco iCARPET’s smart design recycles water with 80% efficiency. Unlike conventional carpet cleaners, it integrates a PTC heater and advanced temperature controller located on the brush head.

HeatedWash technology ensures a consistent water temperature of 40°C is maintained during the cleaning process. The combination of hot water and optimised solution mix dissolves and removes stains swiftly and thoroughly.

Featuring proprietary PowerDry technology, the Tineco iCARPET completes the cleaning process with a continuous stream of 75°C hot breeze to refresh and restore carpet. HeatedWash technology and PowerDry technology combined evaporate the water to leave the carpet dry in minutes.

An extra hose and specialised stain remover tool help clean upholstery, navigate carpeted stairs, and access nooks and crannies. The hose can be used to reach under furniture and into corners, and the stain remover tool can be used to remove dirt, grime, and tough stains.

Tineco iCARPET has a two-tank design to separately store clean and dirty water. Both tanks are easy to remove, empty and refill. There’s also a detachable brush roller for easy maintenance of the machine. It incorporates four operational modes – Eco, Max, Dry and Accessory – with operation as quiet as 84dB at its lowest noise level.

The Tineco iCARPET carpet cleaner is now available from Bing Lee for $799.