Kymberly Martin

Consumers can locate it at JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman stores

Finding lost items, even cars or pets is resolved with the release of the Tile Bluetooth tracker and companion app. Users simply open the app and ring any item that is in the Bluetooth range or see its last location on a map. Tile also works in reverse, allowing consumers to ring their smartphone with the push of a button on their Tile device, even if the phone is on silent mode.

The device also features innovative crowdsourcing technology to find lost items outside the Bluetooth range, allowing it to anonymously enlist the help of the Tile community in the search from anywhere in the world. The powerful Tile Community Find has recovered lost and stolen cards, motorcycles, jewellery, pets and keys.

Tile was the most downloaded lifestyle app in the US Apple App Store on Christmas Day 2015 and an Innovations Award Honouree at CES 2016.

The device is maintenance free and has been designed to run a full year with zero upkeep – no battery replacement or charging. When the time comes to renew the Tile, users will be notified about upgrading via the reTile program.

Available in two versions:  Tile Slim is as thin as two credit cards and it slips into anything with a slim profile that pairs with a smartphone or tablet to become a homing partner for lost items. It can also ring a lost phone even on silent mode. Users can log into the website to see its last known location, make it ring or send a lock-screen message. It is iOS and Android compatible,  water resistant up to IP5 standards, 82dB volume with four preset tunes, and weighs 9.3g. The device retails at $44.95 (single) or $139.95 (4-pack).

Tile Mate is designed with a hole for easily attaching to keys, luggage or purse and boasts the worlds’ largest lost and found network, locating over half a million items daily. It weighs 6.1g, with an 88dB volume with four ringtones, is water-resistant to IP5 standard with a one-year, non-replaceable battery and limited warranty. RRP is $39.95 (single pack) or $119.95 (4-pack).

Both Tile Slim and Tile Mate are available from JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman stores nationally.