UnderCurrent is pleased to wheel out this headline yet again to reveal that Sharp Corporation will again be switching off the lights on its famous North Sydney building advertising sign in recognition of Earth Hour.

This is the seventh consecutive year Sharp has participated in Earth Hour, which also includes the powering down of the company’s Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra offices. It is also the fourth time this website has reported this lights-out moment with an otherwise misleading headline!

“Sharp has a long history in Australia and we’re very proud to support this Sydney-grown initiative,” said national marketing manager Mark Beard. “The support for Earth Hour around the world demonstrates the importance of this issue and energy efficiency is something we are constantly working to deliver in our product development.”

Seven years of support is a great achievement and UnderCurrent doffs its hat to Sharp on this occasion.

The switch off will begin at 8:30 PM on Saturday 29 March 2014.

An interesting tidbit of information: the Earth Hour initiative was the brain child of Gruen star Todd Sampson and his colleagues from Leo Burnett Sydney.