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Pro Appliance’s latest release, the ThermoPro.


The Tefal Cuisine Companion set the candle of competition alight and then KitchenAid added fuel to the fire with its eye-catching Cook Processor. Now the latest challenger to Thermomix thermo-throne has entered the ring.

Out of Pro Appliances in Adelaide comes the ThermoPro, a single benchtop powerhouse that can do the work of 10 separate appliances: chop, crush, beat, boil, blend, cook, grind, steam, stir and whip.

Mathew Kiley, national sales manager at Pro Appliances, told me that Australians are attracted to the premium all-in-one cooking appliances not just for their convenience but because it allows them to control the cooking process from raw ingredients to the finished, delectable product.

“It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find food on supermarket shelves that are additive and preservative free,” Kiley said. “The growing amount of evidence and research showing the dangers of these added nasties is pushing consumers to consciously find healthier ways to prepare food for the family which avoids these harmful additives and allows them to enjoy better health.

“Consumers are looking to food prep appliances to allow them to take full control of their food preparation. Anything that allows the elimination of unnecessary additives, colours, flavours and preservatives present within many home pantries in the form of ready-made and packet meals is a big hit.”

The ThermoPro (RRP $1,499) will come with a bespoke recipe book comprising over 150 meals and a free bonus mixing jug, valued at RRP $199. This price point is more affordable than Groupe SEB’s Tefal Cuisine Companion (RRP $1,699) and the KitchenAid Cook Processor (RRP $1,999). All three are priced beneath the Thermomix TM5 ($2,089).

Kiley told me that Pro Appliances is investing heavily in the retail rollout of the ThermoPro. In order to convey its features and benefits, Pro Appliances is making POS video screens available for its retail partners. It may not be the curated, in-home approach favoured by Thermomix but it is a good start.

“These video displays help the customer make an informed purchase decision by presenting them with key features and benefits of the product, as well as showcasing a product demonstration,” Kiley said.

This will be backed up with in-person, in-store demonstrations in selected stores and targeted consumer magazine advertising.

Tomatoes plus magic equals tomato soup!
Tomatoes plus magic equals tomato soup!