With its sleek Mirror Glass finish and exciting Built-In Weight Scale feature, the SHARP R34DM enhances any modern kitchen. Show off your cooking skills by harnessing its easy-to-use features or while also adding to the sophistication of your home.


The R34DM is a modern take on the traditional microwave with a focus on innovative features like a Built-In Weight Scale and a sophisticated mirror finish design. Available in two colour variants (Black – R34DMBK and White – R34DMW), it harnesses 1000 Watts of power to quickly and easily cook, reheat or defrost popular foods. With a 315mm glass turntable and 5 power levels, it is flexible to cook an entire family meal from scratch or simply reheat last night’s leftovers.


The Built-in Weight Scale eliminates the guesswork when defrosting a range of popular items. The Auto Weight Defrost menus provide the perfect defrost time as frozen items can be easily weighed, calculating the required defrost time. It can also be conveniently used as an everyday kitchen scale for measuring food with a weight range of 100g to 6kg. It is efficient and simple to weigh a variety of foods before manually Cooking, Reheating or Auto Defrosting.

Its stylish mirror finish adds a level of sophistication to the modern Australian kitchen with a design that is sure to turn heads.  The entire face of the microwave, including the door and touch panel, define the complete mirror finish and the Touch Control and blue LCD Display are distinctive and easy to use. Together with the Built-in Weight Scale feature, this is a microwave like no other.
Sharp Australia proudly tests and develops all Microwave Auto Menus, Manual Cooking Chart Guides and Recipes using locally sourced produce with the Australian consumer in mind. The R34DM has eight Auto Cook Menus and four Auto Defrost Menus as well as a Time Defrost feature and other functionalities like a Kitchen Timer used for food stand time, Child Lock and Memory Key with three memory spaces to store frequently used programs for everyday use.