The Good Guys has partnered with food writer and TV cook, Nigella Lawson in a new initiative for customers to earn StoreCash via The Good Guys’ rewards program. 

The StoreCash program enables customers to earn StoreCash on eligible purchases, allowing them to pay less on a future purchase, while gaining access to Nigella’s advice and recipes, chosen especially for The Good Guys.

Commencing this month, all new and existing customers of The Good Guys who join the StoreCash program by signing up and downloading a free StoreCash Digital Wallet to their smartphone, can access a range of offers and promotions across the store.

They will also be able to enjoy exclusive Nigella content on The Good Guys website in which she shares her advice on the best benchtop appliances and how to choose the perfect big appliances for the kitchen.

Speaking at a The Good Guys event during her recent visit to Australia, Nigella said, “I’m so pleased to be working with The Good Guys to support their special opportunities for their customers. Setting up your kitchen with the best appliances for you makes so much difference, and The Good Guys have such a huge range. Plus, the StoreCash program does give customers extra – and we all deserve extra.”

The Good Guys managing director, Biag Capasso said, “The opportunity to partner with Nigella and give our customers even more reasons to visit us and earn rewards is fantastic. Nigella’s love of cooking at home, using everyday kitchen appliances, and having her endorsement of our StoreCash program speaks to The Good Guys always wanting to help families live better and pay less every day.”

The Good Guys general manager of home appliances, Greg Wilson added, “By sharing Nigella’s recipes, ideas and exclusive kitchen appliance tips, our customers will get access to advice gleaned from a lifetime’s cooking experience when it comes to researching and purchasing the best appliances to suit their kitchen.”

The first Nigella recipe was published on 17 July and a different recipe will be heroed each month until December. The recipes will feature Nigella’s special tips for the recipe and the kitchen appliance she uses to create the dish, all of which are available to purchase at The Good Guys.