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EuroCucina was criticised by some Australian buyers for not delivering a killer punch where it counted – and that is delivering a key new trend that could be pinned on this show which only occurs every two years.

While the exhibition calendar is now packed with events and even the annual German IFA show is now also receiving local competition from the German Area30 exhibition for kitchen designers, the delivery of key trends is becoming harder for the engineering and product development teams.

Here is a selection of key trends that were employed by more than one exhibitor to demonstrate some collective thinking from the event.

  1. Premium kitchen fitouts

Everywhere at EuroCucina, premium kitchen fitouts were on display, elevating the presentation of the appliances. Pictured here is a hand-made kitchen fitout from Officine Gullo, who will be opening a showroom at the bottom of the Rialto building in Melbourne within the coming months. Look out for the integrated mushroom restaurant also within the showroom.

  1. Induction downdraft

Probably the most popular ‘new product’ on several stands was downdraft extraction, but for brands like Bora it seems the industry is only now catching on to something they have been spruiking for years. What has gone up for many years, now goes down into the cabinetry or an island benchtop and the integration into induction cooktops is now the best use of this technology.

  1. Dark brushed stainless steel

Representing a complete departure away from the bright polished stainless steel, dark brushed stainless steel, such as this dishwasher on the Asko stand took many forms at EuroCucina. The matte finish doesn’t leave any fingerprints and is much easier to clean and maintain in its premium appearance. Also called graphite by some, the finish took many forms including handles and trim on glass ovens as well. The appearance of matte black finish was on display, but not as prevalent as expected.

  1. Country of origin stories

How does a brand differentiate itself from the broad offering of global appliance suppliers? Fisher & Paykel told the New Zealand story through food with a series of tasty experiences that helped tell a different story that wasn’t pyrolytic or induction. Everything from tea to shaved ice cones as well as toasted marshmallows and freeze dried sherbet made from red wine. For the buyers, food was a key form of hospitality with everything from espresso coffee and glasses of prosecco to antipasto plates and cheese boards used to continue the buying discussions within the back rooms of the stands in a very relaxed Italian atmosphere.

  1. Large-format column refrigeration

Incredibly, a large number of Australian households are spending over $100,000 in their refrigeration fitout alone. Driving this trend is large-format column refrigeration as demonstrated on the Liebherr stand as well as many others. The refrigerator, wine storage cabinet and freezer now becoming the three-pillar minimum for a premium renovation or installation and in some cases two sets are purchased simultaneously as well as an outdoor beverage centre and refrigerator drawers. No matter how hard you try, a significant purchase of ovens and cooktops for a single dwelling will never come close to this sort of six-figure purchasing value.