Eurolinx, the Australian supplier of Ilve appliances, has today announced a reduction in prices across its kitchen range.

UPDATE: Eurolinx has replied to's request for more details and objected to the headline of this story. Read Eurolinx's response here.

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The release reads:

“Ilve Appliances have reduced the prices of a range of their designer built-in ovens across Australia. This allows the brand to connect with a wider range of consumers and play a greater competitive role in the market.

“The re-pricing of Ilve’s built-in ovens has received a positive response from retailers Australia-wide.

“The price reduction in our products has allowed our retailers to now specify Ilve products in new situations where previously they may have been price prohibitive.

“Retailers are able to sell Ilve products for a more competitive price point, and therefore promote a stronger interest in the Ilve brand, and sell more within their stores. We are playing more with the competitors in the industry this way.

“Having realised there was a gap in the market for premium cooking brands and products, by repositioning those products we have enabled our retailers across Australia to re-introduce Ilve built-in products.”

“The changes also allow Ilve to take a stronger competitive approach within the marketplace. Showing strategic intent, Ilve have recognised where they want to drive the direction of the brand and compete with a broader range of other brands in the market.”