By Patrick Avenell

Samsung has today released two new side-by-side fridges. The refrigerators have identical specifications, varying only in colour and price. The white SRS587ENW is RRP $1,699, while the pewter model (SRS589ENP) is $1,799.

The capacity of the refrigerators is 589 litres, with 231 litres in the fridge proper and 358 litres in the freezer. Features include dual flow cooling, frost-free electronic controls, spill-proof shelving, an open door alarm and deodoriser.

Speaking about the new products is Samsung senior product manager (kitchen appliances), Mike Lilly.

“Samsung understands that side-by-side fridges are an aspirational product for many consumers today. This new addition to our range offers our customers a cost efficient…option…to give their kitchen the make-over it deserves,” said Lilly.

Samsung is also claiming that the LED temperature control and electronic door alarm that adorn the fridges offer “enhanced energy efficiency”.