Korean set top box and personal video recorder specialist Topfield is currently working on a new PVR that will work with iOS or Android smartphones and tablets, enabling greater flexibility and control for consumers.

Currently in development, this “transcoding” PVR will be able to connect with, for examples, iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tabs, so that users can mirror the content stored on their PVR on their tablet. Users will also be able to control their PVR remotely using their tablet and smartphone devices.

Topfield’s Australian national sales and marketing manager, Joseph Tsen, further revealed that new PVR and STB models will have full web browsing and more streaming of video content. Topfield already has iView integrated into some of its PVRs, and is believed to be in discussions with the other major networks to implement more catch-up TV services.

The current hero product in Topfield’s range is the TRF-7160 (RRP $499). This unit has Topfield’s ‘Quad Recording’ feature, meaning users can record four channels simultaneously to the 500GB hard disk drive, provided these four channels are only across two networks.

For example, a user can record Channel Nine and Gem (both from the Nine network) and ABC1 and ABC2 (both from the ABC network) all at the same time. Users can’t, however, record the ABC and Channels Seven, Nine and Ten simultaneously as they are across four networks.

Topfield TRF-7160.