By Claire Reilly

Remington has announced the launch of three new hair styling products to add to its personal care line-up in time for Mother's Day, each boasting new features to care for hair as it is styled.

The Keratin Therapy range includes a Hair Straightener, curling Tong and Hair Dryer, all of which feature “innovative keratin infused ceramic to reinstate shine, vibrancy and health” according to a Remington spokesperson.

“The naturally occurring protein is integral to healthy, strong hair and is emitted from each of the new products as you style – ensuring your hair is cared for and protected, from start to finish,” said the spokesperson.

The 19-millimetre clip free curling Tong features a keratin-infused barrel, while the 2000-watt Keratin Therapy Dryer features a built-in keratin infused nozzle ring as well as ion technology to protect hair as it is blow-dried.

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The hero product of the range is the Smart Sensor with Keratin Therapy Straightener, which features keratin-infused ceramic plates as well as a “heat sensor strip to automatically detect your hair’s moisture levels and adjust the temperature to its optimal heat setting”.

The Smart Sensor will automatically drop the heat setting of the ceramic plates if moisture is detected in the hair, preventing wet hair from frying on a high heat and removing the need for users to adjust to different heat settings for the roots and tips of the hair.

The Remington Smart Sensor with Keratin Therapy straightener (S8590AU) is available for RRP $103.95, the Keratin Therapy Tong (CI5319LAU) is available for RRP $53.95, and the Keratin Therapy Dryer (D8410AU) is available for RRP $58.95.