The only multicooker with over 250 built-in recipes, users can access even more recipes using the free mobile app.

Unlike any other multicooker on the market, the new Cook4me Touch revolutionises the way you cook at home to enjoy the entire cooking experience, as well as the meal.

The new model features a large interactive colour touch screen and Wi-Fi connectivity, along with an Express Cooking Mode that delivers ultra-high pressure cooking at 100KPA to cook over 100 recipes in under 10 minutes.

Whether you’re cooking for two, four or six people, it is the only multicooker with over 250 built-in recipes, and with the free mobile app you have access to an ever-growing collection of recipes that can be downloaded directly to the appliance. Enjoy an increased level of personalisation that includes creating your own recipe book, modifying the recipes according to your diet and uploading your favourite recipes to share with the community.

You can also monitor the cooking directly from your table or smartphone. The integrated touch screen has been specifically engineered for use in the kitchen. Even if your hands are wet or greasy from preparing the ingredients, the touchscreen will respond without delay, to complete meal prep, set it cooking and be on your way.

With images and video tips now included in the guided instructions, you can even learn new cooking techniques. With Tefal Cook4me touch you can enjoy a homecooked meal quicker than you could even order takeaway.

RRP: $699.95

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