Due to fire risk.

Teco Australia has issued a recall on its 6.5kg twin tub washing machine (model no. TWM65TTAMFBE). The potential hazard relates to the selector switch that may short circuit causing heating of the surrounding plastics, resulting in smoke and fire hazards. This could occur when moisture vapour may penetrate the selector switch contacts within the top control console.


In a statement supplied to Appliance Retailer, Teco Australia said, “We take the quality and safety of the products we supply to our customers and consumers very seriously. In this regard, we have worked with the service department and OEM manufacturer of this model machine to identify that, in some circumstances, a risk to the safety of this particular model may exist, due to the likelihood of moisture ingress over time to the control panel and electrical switch assembly, resulting in the possibility of shorting and overheating of the control selector switch, producing smoke and a risk of fire.”

“Our decision to recall our 6.5kg twin tub washing machine, sold through our retail partners during from October 2014 to September 2015, was firstly to ensure the safety of our customers using our products and to maintain the integrity and the high quality that Teco expects from all its products. We assure you this issue does not affect any other models in our laundry product range,” the statement continued.

Teco advises that consumers with this model should immediately stop using the machine, disconnect from the power outlet and contact Teco Service Centre. Should consumers or retailers require further information, they should contact the free call hotline – 1800 898 458 (additional costs from mobile telephones) or via email to had.recall@teco.com.au.