Technics is launching the new Premium C600 Series comprising the SA-C600 Network CD Receiver and SB-C600 Bookshelf Speaker System, designed to be enjoyed together and to deliver new standards in audio quality and design.

The combination of the SA-C600 and SB-C600 offers the advantage of a compact solution without the need for additional components to complete the home audio setup.

The SA-C600 is an addition to the Technics portfolio that fills the gap between the all-in-one compact speaker systems, such as the C70MK2, and true separate component systems, such as the C700 and the G700M2 systems.

It incorporates the full-digital amplification technology of the JENO Engine – the basis for the audio quality of all Technics products – in addition to left and right channel individual Space Tune with ‘in-shelf’ option, high-quality Phono MM input, optical SPDIF input with auto power-on function and subwoofer output.

To meet connectivity demands, the SA-C600 offers Chromecast built-in, Spotify Connect, TIDAL, Deezer and Amazon Music, as well as internet radio and Apple AirPlay 2.

Despite its compact size, the SB-C600 Speaker System reveals every detail with vibrancy, power and a large soundstage. A compact two-way bass reflex speaker with a unique coaxial drive unit working as a point source, built on the ‘Linear Phase’ principle, the SB-C600 borrows many technological aspects from the Technics SB-G90M2 speaker system.

Thorough CAE analysis was used to optimise drivers, elements and enclosure structures to efficiently eliminate unwanted vibrations and distortions, and to significantly improve overall clarity and performance quality.

The Phase Precision Driver emulates the driver in the SB-G90M2 floor standing speaker, consisting of a 15cm large-diameter woofer, accompanied by a 25mm aluminium dome tweeter. Balanced Driver Mounting Architecture (BDMA) fixes the driver to an inner Speaker Mount Baffle in the centre of gravity around the magnet, preventing tumbling motion.

The Technics SA-C600 Compact Network CD Receiverand Technics SB-C600 Compact Bookshelf Speaker System will be available at selected Technics audio specialist retailers from mid-February for RRP $1,749 each.