Technics has unveiled three new additions to its premium audio line-up, comprising a new integrated amplifier, floor-standing speaker system and high-end direct drive turntable.

The SU-G7000M2 Grand Class Integrated Amplifier, RRP $4,399, is a successor to the SU-G7000 inheriting Technics’ full-digital core amplifier technologies including the JENO Engine for the highest signal precision and LPAC for optimal matching to any speaker, setting a new standard at this price point.

An Advanced Speed Silent Power Supply (AS²PS) incorporates ‘fast’ semiconductor parts such as GaN (Gallium-Nitride) FETs and Silicium Carbide (SiC) Diodes, produces a more reactive, efficient supply of current to the power stage for higher drivability of speakers.

Improved sound image and dynamic power, combining low distortion and high transparency, enhances soundstage and precise focus of voices and instruments without sharpness.

From a design perspective, the volume and source knobs now feature the aluminium ‘spin’ texture derived from the SU-R1000 Reference Amplifier for a clear distinction from the original SU-G700.

The SB-G90M2 Grand Class Floor-Standing Speaker System, RRP $4,949, delivers improved performance compared to its predecessor, the SB-G90, with optimised drivers, elements, and enclosure structures to eliminate unwanted vibrations and distortions.

Like its predecessor, the new M2 is a three-way bass reflex speaker system consisting of a two-way coaxial driver combining a 25mm dome and a 160mm midrange cone made of aluminium. This is accompanied by two 160mm woofers, also constructed from aluminium.

An advanced phase precision driver delivers reduced resonance and a more natural midrange with less distortion, alongside the addition of a Linear Phase Plug to eliminate any phase disturbance and make the sound pressure characteristics of the tweeter more natural.

With an advanced BDMA (Balanced Driver Mounting Architecture), the inner Speaker Mount Baffle has been extended to one plate attached to the base board for vibrations to ‘escape’ to the ground.

In addition, the whole inner stiffening structure has been redesigned in the lower part of the cabinet to eliminate standing waves more efficiently, while minimising the use of acoustic damping material. Responding to customer requests, the new SB-G90M2 now also features bi-wiring speaker terminals.

The SL-1210G Grand Class High End Direct Drive Turntable, RRP $6,999, encompasses the same technical specifications of the SL1200G but is now encased in a minimalist black finish.  

Key features include an iron-coreless direct drive motor with double rotor/single stator for stable rotation; a hybrid encoder for rotational speed detection; sensitive yet robust tonearm made from cold-drawn magnesium for high damping effect; three-layer platter with high vibration-damping performance, and four-layer high-rigidity cabinet to effectively shut out vibration.