According to JB Hi-Fi senior salesman.

JB Hi-Fi Kedron is located approximately 10km north of Brisbane, Queensland, among the hustle and bustle of the northern suburbs’ major street, Gympie Road.

Despite the projected growth in home automation, senior sales of car audio and home security sales, George Patrinos from JB Hi-Fi Kedron in Queensland, says that take-up remains relatively low, as consumer confidence lies within security and surveillance products.

“I think our customers see home automation as too complicated and a category that is out of their comfort zone. Therefore, I would not describe it as a large or growing category at present because most consumers come and shop for security systems, particularly after an incident,” he said.


“Many customers, especially the older generation, are still not fully aware of the capabilities of technology, including smartphone features. Our staff will often mention our home automation offerings when they purchase appliances from us, however, the majority of customers are not interested,” he said.

Patrinos noted that ease of use is at the top of mind for customers when they make their purchase decision in the broader security and surveillance category. As a result, security and surveillance products that are easy to set up are experiencing growth as customers look to options to make them feel safe and secure at home and on-the-go. It’s also a category that offers all-year-round sales opportunities.

“Customers are purchasing security and surveillance cameras to keep an eye on the kids around the home or if they go on holidays, they want to ensure that if any incidents occur, they have recorded evidence, which is particularly helpful in insurance claims.

“We have also seen a lot of small businesses investing in security systems. We find that if someone knows of someone else that has experienced a break-in, they are more likely to purchase security systems for themselves. Therefore, word-of-mouth is particularly powerful in driving sales for this category,” he said.

When asked about supplier promotions, Patrinos had no hesitation in saying that promotions, particular discounting, were “key to driving sales”.

“Consumers are more encouraged to purchase a product if there is an added incentive, such as cost reductions, bonuses and gift with purchase promotions,” he said. “We find that Uniden and Swann both do this very well.”