By Ella Legg

NSW: This morning Sydney recorded its coldest morning in 60 years, according to online news reports, driving Sydney residents into electrical retail stores in search of spot heating solutions.

In Sydney’s CBD the mercury was reported to have hit a mere 6.2 degrees when offices opened for business at 9am.

The temperature at Penrith was a tiny 0.1 degrees at 8am, which saw 80% of this morning’s customer inquiries at Little & Rabie Retravision being driven by heating.

Little & Rabie Retravision salesperson Roger Porter said electric heaters and radiant bar heaters had been particularly strong sellers.

"Just about everyone who came into the store this morning was seeking a heater,” he said.

Roger noted that recent electricity price rises had seen consumers leaning towards spot heating solutions over their larger counterparts such as reverse cycle units and ducted systems.

“I think more people are choosing spot heating solutions over the bigger systems as they’re closely monitoring their heating running costs.”