By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Retravision Rozelle is currently celebrating a win over the New South Wales State Government, with Premier Keneally’s plans for the store’s forced acquisition stalling.

The State Government has been trying to extend the Metro light rail service out of the CBD and into the inner city suburbs, a move that would force Retravision Rozelle out of its current premises, where it has been for nearly 25 years.

Owner and proprietor David Hunt told that whilst this was good news, a final decision to save his store has not yet been made.

“I believe that the section between the ANZAC Bridge and Rozelle is under heavy doubt this morning,” Hunt said. “It will be very good news for us – for Rozelle Retravision, it’s a bit of certainty now that we can stay here. We’ve been here since 1986, and Rozelle Retravision has been in the community for 52 years, so we’re quite eager to keep on going obviously.”

Hunt said that had the Metro line – similar to Melbourne’s trams, but on a smaller scale – continued into Rozelle on the proposed route, Hunt would have had to move his store. This is not an easy feat in the electrical retail trade, especially in densely populated inner Sydney, as the floorspace requirements for running such a shop are quite unique.

Furthermore, Hunt has built up strong customer loyalty at the current location. Hunt said a move away would have been “destructive” on his business.

This fight is developing into a scene reminiscent of the move ‘The Castle’, with individuals standing up to the might of the Government. Hunt said that whilst so much was still to be resolved, this is a welcome respite from the battle.

“It’s a bit of relief, we’ve been fighting them since last April. I didn’t have much of a Christmas or New Year’s, so it’s a little bit of relief after a very long session of uncertainty.”

As for sales in the store, Hunt said Christmas had been a good period, with cooling, air conditioning and TV sales particularly strong.

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