By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: TomTom has launched its new range of navigation units, with a new flagship model and text-to-speech now available on even the base model.

The range is split into two distinct groups, with the One (RRP $349) and XL (RRP $449) models aimed at the general consumer, while the Go 930 flagship (RRP $849) will be aimed at the frequent business traveller.

Both the One and XL keep their 3.5-inch and 4.3-inch screens but have slimmed down considerably over previous versions, with depth down at least a third, and the pair also include the EasyPort mounting system, which allows ‘pocketablity’ thanks to its much slimmer, fold-in, design.

The new One and XL also have larger speakers with clearer sound, with the One now equipped with text-to-speech for the first time.

TomTom’s new flagship model, the Go 930, adds maps for 37 countries in North America, Europe and Oceania, as well as a Bluetooth remote control. Maps of major arterial roads for a further eight eastern European countries are also included.

Go 930 users also get TomTom’s Enhanced Positioning Technology (EPT), which uses software to calculate navigation directions even when in tunnels or built-up areas, and a ‘HelpMe!’ menu, which includes roadside assistance phone numbers and locations of hospitals and other emergency services.

Multimedia is catered for with MP3 playback and iPod connectivity.

All three models use Sensis’ new version 15 maps, which add a claimed 200,000 kilometres of sealed roads and 400,000 kilometres of unsealed roads. More importantly for many, the new maps also include traffic tables for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for use when live traffic updates roll out across the northern east coast capitals from late July.

Customers can also update their maps via Map Share, which allows all TomTom users to update their maps and post them online for people to download, while those who purchase a model in the 30 days before a map update can receive it free via TomTom’s Map Guarantee.

“We’ve got new affordable entry-level points with the One and XL … [which have] great design, portability, new audio and the fantastic new EasyPort mount, which is really, really nice and compact and really pocketable,” said TomTom Australia and New Zealand marketing manager, Chris Kearney.

Kearney also said the Go 930 would be “perfect for the frequent business traveller or those planning their next fly/drive holiday in Europe or North America”.

TomTom also revealed IQ Routes, a new service which will use anonymously submitted information to help decide the fastest route based on ‘real’ road speed, will appear at a later date.