By Adam Coleman

SYDNEY: Sony Australia today announced the launch of flat panel displays designed specifically for the corporate market, including three plasma models – the company’s only plasma technology after choosing to discontinue its consumer range late last year.

Comprising one 50-inch and two 42-inch plasmas and 32 and 40-inch LCD displays, the new range facilitates Network Content Streaming via an optional IP addressable Streaming Receiver Adaptor and feature a wide array of both computer and video inputs to accommodate specific business applications.

“Decreasing prices and increased product durability are key drivers for the adoption of flat panel displays for business use,” Sony Australia business display product manager, James Waldron told
“We’re starting to see a lot of pick up for applications such as event and venue signage in addition to shopping centres, retail and advertising applications.”

At the event Sony set up a video wall with several flat panels displaying a single image to illustrate how a retailer could potentially utilise the technology to dramatic effect at the point-of-sale.

During the launch, while illustrating the Sony termed ‘simple (ish)’ usage of the technology, Waldron was forced to halt the presentation due to technical difficulties.