Suggestions from the floor.

Because dishwashers are generally a ‘once every 10 years’ purchase, making the sales discussion is more about features  that will have the customer justify the investment, regardless of price. Taree Leading Appliances retailer, Peter Bolte described this as: “Selling through features and benefits….sadly it’s a declining skill.”

Speaking to AR for our dishwasher feature, Bolte said when it comes to service versus discounting, it’s service every time. “We don’t discount. We constantly monitor our competitors’ online pricing and ticket accordingly. This action enables us to take the price argument/negotiation completely out of the sales process and concentrate on the product and what it will do for the customer.”

He said semi and full height integrated dishwashers are becoming more popular in keeping with the clean lines trend dominating kitchen design at present. “Our business is still led by replacement sales and white finish machines equate to 65% of our sales.  However, when it comes to the complete kitchen package the stainless steel product makes up 95% of sales.  Around half of our dishwasher sales are made to people 50+, with a high proportion commenting they want a good machine that will see them out.”

Bolte said it was important that customers can see the appliances in store. All dishwashers are securely mounted in cabinetry and can be safely opened to remove racks. The most popular models are displayed in white and stainless steel so customers don’t have to imagine finishes or rely on brochures.

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