First for the Group.

After having no exposure to online sales in the history of the business, this week Taree Leading Appliances has become the first Leading Appliances store to launch an online sales platform.

Although still relatively in its infancy, store owner Peter Bolte told Appliance Retailer that the business has commenced with a basic “click and collect” model with approximately 300 lines on offer, as well as exposure to catalogue featured products.

“This is an exciting innovation for both our store and the Leading Appliances group. Whilst we do not expect it to be any more than 2-3% of our total sales through the Christmas period, it does place us in space we have never operated before, as well as in front of a demographic of consumers who embrace this means of shopping,” Bolte said.


L to R: Leading Edge Conference 2016: Leading Edge group national manager, Lee Scott, Taree Leading Appliances store owner, Peter Bolte and Leading Appliances national group manager, Nick Fry

Leading Appliances national group manager, Nicholas Fry added, “We are very excited to be launching our e-commerce platform into Leading Appliances stores. This is the latest initiative in the ongoing evolution of Leading Appliances, and our 70+ stores now have the ability to offer our customers an online shopping experience. It’s a great breakthrough for our business.”

Taree Leading Appliances has also worked to expand and build its database this year to open conversation directly with customers who know and trust the retailer.

“EDM’s and SMS promotion have proven to be effective, as well as the Leading Appliances $2,000 gift voucher give away promotion. We will also use Talkbox to present exclusive and over and above opportunities to our customer base through these mediums,” he said.

Meanwhile, in conjunction with Mitsubishi Electric, the retailer has made its biggest ever investment in a TV marketing campaign with the KFC Big Bash, “aimed to deliver our key message of being a complete solution provider in the category.”