Last night Nespresso treated  members of the lifestyle media, bloggers and industry representatives to a sensory trip to the equatorial growing regions where the Swiss company sources its coffee.

Guests had the opportunity to try Nespresso’s newest limited edition Grands Crus Peru Secreto — which will be available from 18 May 2015 — made in its newest machine the Lattissima Touch.

Nespresso brought a taste of India, Ethiopa, Brazil, Colombia and Peru the Sound Stage 1 at Fox Studios within Sydney’s Entertainment Quarter with canapés designed by chef Peter Kuruvita and inspired by each of the countries. Also on the menu were specially created cocktails including Pisco Sour (Peru), African Fymbos Brandy (Ethiopa) and Nespresso Caipirinha mocktail (a slight diversion from Brazil’s national cocktail).

Speaking at the event Nespresso Oceania general manager Loïc Réthoré emphasised Nespresso’s position as market leader, innovator and taste makers in the portioned coffee market.

“Tonight we are going to take you on a journey around the world. We will visit a lot of far reaching coffee regions and we will demonstrate and highlight the expertise we use to source our coffees,” said Réthoré who has recently passed in the six month mark in his new position.

“As the pioneers of portioned coffee we constantly look for new ways to innovate as recently demonstrated with the launch of our latest innovation the Lattissima Touch, our latest addition to the machine range.

“We are innovating on a regular basis, by offering coffee Grands Crus that only Nespresso can deliver such as the pure origin Peru Secreto. These innovations continue to shape the category and provide memorable Nespresso moments for all of us.”

Réthoré reinforced Nespresso’s commitment to sustainability and its AAA sustainable quality program.

“For us it is about making every cup of Nespresso not only deliver pleasure for our consumers, but also provide positive benefits to wider society and also the environment.”

He then handed over to Mitch Monaghan who has been promoted from his position as a trainer specialist for Nespresso to Australian coffee ambassador. He is tasked with communicating the romance of the coffee beans growing on an Andean hillside all the way into your kitchen. Indeed he had a captive audience transfixed while he described coffee trees in India growing at high altitude, among spices and herbs such as pepper, cloves, nutmeg and parsley. Once harvested, roasted and ground hints of these flavours are discernible in the cup, Monaghan said, all the while accompanied by a sitar player.

Nespresso's Australian coffee ambassador Mitch Monaghan talks Peru Secreto.
Nespresso’s Australian coffee ambassador Mitch Monaghan talks Peru Secreto.

Focusing on the origin of coffee is a major trend in Australian coffee culture and consumers are happy to pay more for a premium product.

According to the IBISWorld Industry report on the Tea and Coffee Manufacturing in Australia (July 2014) the booming coffee culture has led many coffee connoisseurs to seek out niche, alternative products.

“Over the past five years, consumers have demonstrated an increased concern regarding the origin of tea and coffee products. Fair trade and organic coffees and tea have become particularly popular,” the report states.

“Manufacturers have sought to promote the use of ethically sourced and organically grown products in an attempt to appeal to a wider audience. Given the relatively low value of industry products, consumers have been largely happy to pay a small additional fee for fair trade and organic goods, providing a boost for the industry. Despite the rising popularity of these products, there remains significant scope for further expansion, with fair trade and organic products currently accounting for only a small portion of the industry.

“The increased consumer focus on product origin has also supported a rise in revenue, with more costly fair trade and organic coffees attracting a dramatically rising share of the market.”

During the night there was an activation dedicated to each of the countries India, Ethiopa, Brazil, Colombia and Peru.


After Monaghan discussed the unique coffee growing qualities of each region there was a cultural performance.

Maravilhoso! The spirit of carnival came to Sydney.


It wouldn’t be a Nespresso event without plenty of pods to decorate the bar.


A Grands Crus from each of the regions was available to sample.

Ethiopian Goats curd icecream with cumquat confiture

Ethiopian Goats curd icecream with cumquat confiture.


Nespresso takes a global approach to coffee.