By James Wells

SYDNEY: Groupe Seb has released a kettle which features an 800ml capacity – which is less than half the size of a traditional product in the category in order to appeal to an untapped market – smaller households.

The Tefal Mini Kettle (RRP $59.95), which will be released by the local subsidiary of the company’s parent company – Groupe Seb in October, is designed to boil enough water for approximately two cups at a time.

“This is an average of two people in every household in Australia, yet most kettle boil up to 1.7 litres of water,” said Groupe Seb brand manager, Marie Canet.

“At breakfast time, there is really only a need for one mug per person and that requires about 300ml for each cup or about 600ml in total,” she said.

“In single and smaller households, a lot of people want a lighter kettle – particularly elderly people. Other people are looking for a separate kettle for their office or holiday house with a smaller capacity as well.”

The 2200 watt Mini Kettle features a brushed stainless steel finish and will be marketed as the most compact kettle on the Australian market. This product will be positioned beneath two other kettles in the Tefal range – the Elegance kettle (RRP $69.95) and the Vitesse kettle (RRP $79.95).

According to Canet, consumer research quoted by Groupe Seb claims that design is a key driver when purchasing a kettle.

According to the research 33 per cent of respondents look for aesthetics, 16 per cent look for stability and visibility, 14 per cent look for a practical spout, 12 per cent seek convenience, nine per cent seek functionality, nine per cent seek quality and seven per cent seek capacity.