By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: Hitachi Australia today issued a statement to in response to last Friday’s story on its stance in the debate over large-screen flat panel TV technology.

Hitachi product specialist – visual, Mark Lawson, responded with the following statement this morning:

“Hitachi would like to take this opportunity to respond to the article published on Current last Friday which declared that we had sided with Panasonic in a "debate" centred around their plasma advertising campaign. As we explained in our written statement earlier in the week we are unequivocally sided with the consumer and not any of our competitors or single display technology.

“Hitachi is a high definition flat panel company who is investing heavily in, and manufacturing both plasma and LCD with a view to building on the strengths of both. Our upcoming release of full HD across the two technologies is proof of this commitment. Our advertising and dealer training always seeks to inform and to educate on the differences and benefits of both so the consumer can make an informed decision which in turn will lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction.”