MELBOURNE, VIC: Salton has released the latest appliance in its successful George Foreman branded range. The new kitchen small is the George Foreman Stick Mixer (GFSM1).

Talking about this release is marketing manager Lizete Leder.

“Looking for a great gift for those with small kitchens? This powerful 600 watt hand-held George Foreman stick mixer and its accessories takes the place of several larger appliances in any kitchen.

“Included with the stick mix, is the blender which can be immersed in soup pots or deep bowls, a whisk for beating eggs and batters & chopper attachments for nuts, cheese and fresh herbs. Also included is a beaker useful for storing blended ingredients. 

“Each of the attachments twist securely onto the easy grip ergonomic handle and are easily removable for hand washing. On the end of the power handle, a two-speed button gives the option of low or high speed, or pulse.

“The bonus recipe book gives you a complete range of exciting recipes to try in the comfort of your own kitchen.”