Positive response from key exhibitors.

It is ILVE’s second year as the appliance partner for the national Good Food & Wine Show and marketing manager, Daniel Bertuccio said the show has been working well for the company.

“We know what to expect. Sometimes you have heightened expectations outside of what the show can deliver and you can be disappointed but we are very realistic as to our expectations. The show provides the audience and we do the rest,” he told Appliance Retailer at the Sydney instalment.

“To maximise interest we have been pushing wine cellars with a promotion to win a year’s worth of wine and an ILVE wine cellar. We are also sold off the stand with a show special which is what we did last year with the new BBQ range. It is the best forum where people come to taste wines and they need to store them so promoting wine cellars made a lot of sense.”

ILVE marketing manager, Daniel Bertuccio

He had praise for the new venue, the recently opened International Convention Centre Sydney, with access and working in the show much easier.

“Numbers are up from last year, the new venue brought back the people from the eastern suburbs of Sydney, as well as people from north and south coasts. It is definitely worthwhile getting in front of, and marketing directly to, more than 25,000 attendees. It also allows us to introduce our new outdoor and entertaining product offering to new potential customers,” he said.

Shriro made its debut at this year’s Good Food and Wine Show, and communications manager, Sandra Cal said the brand has received great exposure and the products were well-received, particularly the charcoal range, although the gas range also gained momentum.

Shriro stand at the Sydney GF&WS

“We wanted to raise awareness around the barbeques with the huge rise in charcoal cooking. This is the perfect platform to do so. We had an amazing response in Melbourne with queues of up to 500 people.

“At the Sydney instalment, we also received a great response from attendees. There was a lot of interest on the brand’s points of difference and it was great to see a new market being excited by barbeque product. We set up our stand so that customers could try our signature recipes on the barbeques on one side and display the product on the other, and giving them a whole taste experience was a great translation of the experience they could recreate at home with the Everdure by Heston Blumenthal range.”