By Patrick Avenell in Shunde

SHUNDE, CHINA: Why should delegates, retailers and potential suppliers come to Shunde instead of the Canton fare, or other similar expos in the Southern China region? Organiser Michael Dreyer, vice president, Asia Pacific, of Koelnmesse, says Shunde’s whitegoods and appliances specialty is the reason.

Talking to at the 2009 Shunde show, its ninth incarnation, Dreyer said that whilst other shows might be bigger or more famous, only Shunde specialises in whitegoods and appliances. That means if you’re looking to harness China’s manufacturing prowess for your whitegoods ambitions, Shunde is the right city.

“I am not aware of too many other shows that specialise in home appliances in the region at the moment,” Dreyer said. “There’s the China sourcing fare in Hong Kong, which has a section on home appliances, there’s another event also in Hong Kong, and the Canton Fare, which has a section on home appliances, but a specific home appliance event? I think Shunde Expo doesn’t have too many competitors at the moment.”

Dreyer backed up his assertion that the Shunde Show is the only specialty whitegoods show by claiming that Shunde itself is not only the only specialty home appliance city in the wider region, but also on the globe.

“The other thing is, Shunde is the product centre for home appliances, not only in China, but you could say worldwide. It has very high percentages of production operations coming from Shunde,” Dreyer said.