Global leader in sports watches, dive computers and precision instruments, Suunto has partnered with the Hurricanes ahead of the 2022 Super Rugby season.  

Suunto has supplied both the Hurricanes men’s and women’s teams with its sports performance watches, the Suunto 9 and Suunto 9 Peak. The watches will be used to track the players strength and conditioning performance in the lead up and during the 2022 season with real-time data.

Joining forces with the Hurricanes was a natural progression, according to Suunto head of Australia and New Zealand, Damian Commane.

“It became clear when speaking with the management and coaching staff that the Hurricanes and Suunto share many values, including our core passion of supporting high-performance athletes in their training,” he said.

“We are delighted that Suunto watches will play an integral part in supporting the team and the players by delivering highly accurate and detailed data that will enable each player to perform at  their peak.”

The Hurricanes midfielder, Riley Higgins with the Suunto watch.

Commenting on the partnership, the Hurricanes head of physical performance, Dave Wildash said, “Suunto is proudly worn by many of the world’s elite endurance athletes, Olympians and world champions in many different sports the world over, so we’re excited to have them onboard.” 

He added: “We are heading into a truncated pre-season, so it is essential that the squad presents well in January. By getting through more physical work in the off-season it frees up time to focus on the technical and tactical aspects of our game during the pre-season.”  

The Suunto 9 provides up to 170 hours of GPS sports tracking, integrates in-depth sleep tracking analysis, body resources management and immediate heart rate feedback visibility.