To clarify entitlements, warranties.

The Turnbull Government has invited businesses and consumers to have their say on proposed reforms to clarify, simplify and modernise the consumer guarantee framework in the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).

The proposals are intended to increase the threshold in the ACL’s definition of ‘consumer’, clarify the consumer guarantee remedies, enhance disclosure for extended warranties and extend access to consumer guarantees for goods sold via online auctions.

Consumers and businesses need to know where they stand, and it’s important that the ACL operates as intended, and continues to be accessible to both consumers and businesses.

The ACL Review identified that consumers and businesses face uncertainty about when consumers are entitled to reject goods and choose a remedy. It also raised concerns that consumers do not have enough information when it comes to deciding whether to purchase extended warranties.

Written submission on the matters raised in the consultation paper must be received by 23 April, 2018.