As central hub of Queensland event.

Status Plus will be the major sponsor of Taste of Port Douglas for the third year running next week. The event will be held from Friday 12 August to Sunday 14 August. Status Plus director, Ashley Balderson expects the show to be even stronger this year with a larger line up and program.

Status Plus

Status Plus manager, Leighton Russell with celebrity chef, Colin Fassnidge at last year’s event

“We love the feedback as the event grows exponentially each year. Results will come purely by being a part of Taste of Port Douglas and we continue reaping the rewards of referred business, most importantly, by association. The cut through with clients visiting our showroom is excellent for the weeks following the event,” Balderson told Appliance Retailer.

“There is a huge pull towards the ‘kitchen revolution’ as we call it, spearheaded by Masterchef and other reality cooking shows. Chefs have now become superstars; consumers identify with this and want to bring Masterchef into their own homes for their loved ones.

Status Plus mainstage

Celebrity chef Adrian Richardson performing a hands-on cooking demonstration on the main stage

“As the major sponsor of Taste in Port Douglas and the main stage, we can bring not only the cream of the ‘chefing’ identities in Australia to the local community but the latest in cooking innovation, whether it be induction, pyrolytic or wok burners with auto-ignition. It’s all going to being used by genius’ of the kitchen on main stage,” he said.

The event is rolled out in-house and the entire Status Plus team will be on hand for advice and support.