By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Panasonic’s new camcorder range introduces several features to take some of the human error out of filming home movies. The technologies correct exposure and contrast and warn of problems such as panning too quickly.

Two new technologies introduced into the Panasonic camcorder range are ‘Face Detection’ and the ‘Intelligent Shooting Guide’.

Face Detection automatically locates any faces in the picture and adjusts the exposure, contrast and skin tone to achieve the best results in that situation.

The Intelligent Shooting Guide detects shooting problems such as panning too quickly, backlit subject or low lighting, and displays operating advice in the LCD screen so that the user can correct the error before recording content.

Some of the new camcorders incorporate a 5.1-channel sound system with five microphones, and a 10x optical zoom.

“The combination of 1920 x 1080p recording, 5.1-channel surround sound and the new intuitive technologies of Face Detection and Intelligent Shooting Guide allows users to produce high-quality video for an amazing home cinema experience in the living room,” said Panasonic’s product manager, DSC and camcorder, Tanya Mudge.

Another interesting new feature on some Panasonic camcorders in the range is Burst Shooting which allows up to 25 consecutive 2.1 MB-resolution still images to be captured in one second, or about 75 consecutive shots in three seconds. Panasonic suggests that this function is ideal to capture fast-moving subjects or analysing a golf swing or a tennis stroke for example.