Comment by Patrick Avenell

When it comes to promoting its coffee machines, specifically the Dual Boiler BES900, Breville has done a great job engaging with and nurturing the blogosphere. On one website,, the dedicated thread for this machine has received almost 2,700 comments, nearly all positive, and more than 170,000 views.

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Here are some of the comments from these self-described 'Coffee Snobs':

"My Gaggia Classic has served me faithfully for 10 years, but this really is a step up. Very happy." – Jcrayon

"I picked up my Dual Boiler and Smart Grinder from Dennis [at Cuppacoffee, a store in Sylvania, New South Wales] this morning. Everything is working well. I just have to get used to the correct dosing et cetera. It is great with the instant steam and hot water." – Barry_Dunan

"I got my Breville BES900 yesterday. I'm absolutely loving it. This is a truly remarkable espresso machine. Despite the fact that its highly customisable, it manages to be very intuitive and easy to use for the beginner." – Bach.

Breville takes its engagement with this community very seriously. Barista extraordinaire and Breville evangelist Phil McKnight monitors the discussion and answers any questions the Snobs have regarding their new machine.

The world of social marketing is a dangerous place, with brands becoming engulfed in PR disasters every day, so it's refreshing to see such a tradional brand embracing new resources so passionately and effectively.

The reader comments in this article have been slightly adjusted to improve readability.