By Ian Neubauer

SYDNEY: Italian cooking appliance manufacturer, Emilia Glem, has released a new range of cooktops with generous burner layouts specifically designed to meet the needs of Australian home chefs.

“The new gas cooktops were designed with Australian cooking habits in mind with burner layouts that make sense when using a wok. We have maximised the cooking areas on all models,” said Emilia Glem general manager, David Gilmore.

The new cooktop design represents a radical departure from traditional burner layouts, with a dual-control wok burner on the left, a triple-ring burner on the right for large pots, as well as a medium, central medium and small burners for low-heat cooking tasks.

The offset layout allows a wok to be used without touching the back wall or other pots. Other design elements that increase the cooking area include the positioning of controls at the front of the unit and the positioning of cast-iron trivets at the very edge of the stainless steel hob.

The new range also feature flame failure safety valves and auto electronic ignition. Glem’s new cooktops come in three different sizes – a 60cm 4-burner model for $699, a 75cm 5-burner model for $999 and a 90cm 5-burner model for $1,149.

Emilia Glem is a factory-owned subsidiary of Glem and sole distributors of Glem and Emilia cooking appliance in Australia.