By Patrick Avenell

Super Mario Bros, the Nintendo game that kept many a lonely Gen Xer company during high school, has finally been released as a Nintendo Wii game. It’s the first time Mario, his taller brother Luigi, the misadventurous Princess and a collection of toads has been made available for the Wii format.

Super Mario Bros Wii (RRP $99.95) will be released on 12 November 2009. According to the release, this multiplayer game can be simultaneously played by four individuals, who can come into the action at any time.

There are two new Mario incarnations in this game: Penguin Mario and Propeller Suit Mario. In addition, there are Yoshi characters to ride and a Super Guide function for those struggling to finish the level.

“New SUPER MARIO BROS. Wii features a classic gaming experience that anyone can enjoy, but what about for the seasoned players out there? Brand new power-ups, tricky jumps, and clever co-op techniques will provide plenty of challenges – even for veteran Mario gamers. As you play through the game, Hint Movies can be unlocked that show off some serious platforming finesse by the best players on Nintendo’s development team,” said a Nintendo spokesperson.