By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: The minister responsible for the switch to digital transmission of television signals, Senator Stephen Conroy, this morning launched the campaign to “get Australian ready” for the digital revolution.

Earlier today, Senator Conroy spoke at Get Ready for Digital TV conference in Sydney. This 2-day event for stakeholders in the switchover is intended to clarify confusion surrounding the move to digital television, and to allow various players to discuss their role in the switchover.

"Digital TV means new content, better sound and vision, and additional features for television viewers," said Senator Conroy.

"For most people getting ready for digital will be a simple and inexpensive task but it is important that all Australians are well informed to make the switch.

"From this week a campaign will begin to help Australia get ready for digital. There is no reason for people to wait to experience the benefits.

"Digital television switchover is our biggest national format change since the swap to decimal currency and it is important that Australia get ready.

"Between now and December 31, 2013, Australia will make a progressive, region-by-region switch to digital TV.

"This campaign will help ensure that those people yet to experience digital understand the benefits and how simple upgrading can be.

"This is a milestone event as we position Australia for a digital television future."

In a release to the media Senator Conroy’s office said the upcoming campaign will include TV, radio and online advertising, equipment labelling, point-of-sale material and training and accreditation for retail staff.